… an island of the Ionian Sea, where the blue of the sky and the green of nature, become blue-green on the sea …


The island of Lefkada is ideal both for those who want a peaceful and relaxing holiday, and for those who want to combine it with their favorite sports. It is no coincidence that it is so high on the list of the most ideal destinations worldwide for two popular water sports; kite surfing and windsurfing. In Lefkada you can also enjoy diving and snorkeling in crystal clear waters, cycling in the beautiful plains of the city and hiking in the spectacular mountains.

If you prefer more relaxing activities during your holidays, you can choose boat trips to the beaches and nearby islands of Lefkada. You can also select to attend one of the many cultural events such as a concert, or be part of the famous worldwide folklore festival of Lefkada. You can visit a local museum or a book fair and you can, of course, try delicious local cuisine.

The beaches of Lefkada are some of the most beautiful and the most famous all over Greece. On the east side, the beautiful pebble beaches follow one another: Tebeli Beach in Ligia, Episkopo Beach, beaches in Nikiana, Nidri, Dessimi beach that is surrounded by green hills, the beach of Mikros Gialos and the beach of Helinika.On the west side, lay inaccessibly yet spectacular beaches with main characteristic their wild beauty. Starting from the north you will find the beaches Lagada (Pefkoulia) 4 km length with pine trees which reach the shore, Milos, Agios Nikitas, Kathisma that is one of the most famous beaches with sand, deep blue waters and mountains rises from behind, Gialos, Egremni that is also one of the most famous beaches hard approached by land, Porto Katsiki, with bare rocks right above the sand and the alternations of sea colors and finally the beaches of Vassiliki bay in Cavo Ducato.